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For classical music lovers, RagaNXT presents all-new studio recordings of young and talented artists from India. Enjoy listening and downloading these new tracks to your devices. You will listen to masterful voices showing youthful strength in every rendering of Ragas and semi-classical tracks. We are continuing to record more compositions and hope that you will support our sincere efforts to produce, preserve and promote Hindustani classical music globally.
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For thousands of years sacred voices and melodic tunes have resonated across Indian continent, commonly known as Raga music. Indian classical music, known as ‘Shastriya Sangeet’ is categorized under Nau Rasa, nine emotions or expressions. They are the shringara or love, hasya or humor, raudra or anger, vira or valor, adbhuta or wondrous, vibhatsa or odious, karuna or compassion, bhayanak or fearful and shant or peaceful. As per the system all raga compositions are supposed to be contained in one of these nine emotions or expressions.

You will find Indian classical music to be spiritual, uplifting and sometimes exhilarating. Enjoy tunes on RagaNXT to find your inner peace and beauty.

Nile Ni Savale - गुरु सखा बंधू मायबाप
Madhavi Nanal - भैरवी
Hrishikesh Badve - त्रिधारा २०१५
Gauri Pathare - कैसे जिया तरसत.
Gauri Pathare - अगा वैकुंठीच्या राया.
Gauri Pathare - राम रतन धन पायो.
Anand Bhate - नाथ हा माझा.
Anand Bhate - मम आत्मा गमला.
Dr. Rewa Natu - त्या चित्त चोरट्याला.
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