RagaNXT wants to initiate some of these activities for future growth and we think these are best achieved by volunteering and building up new team spirit. Please see what would you like to work on and we can coordinate a meeting with you. Thanks

  1. Identify ( search) pan India, successful classical artists, who have solid training (Guru and Gharana lineage), and have been performing on stage and are famous in their region for classical singing.
    • -Create a list of such artists with full contact information. (Shree Mukund Sangoram is willing to help).
    • -Make an intro phone call and explain the goals and purpose of RagaNXT.
    • -Set up a call with Arun or Mukund Sangoram to get the commitment.
  2. Set up meeting or conversations with well-known artists to explain the RagaNXT ‘platform of the future’ and see if they are willing to give their own private studio recordings to publish on RagaNXT site for the global audience.
  3. Identify top 25 global Universities or colleges with large music departments. Find top level (Dean) contact information, make calls or write on RagaNXT letterhead or RagaNXT email ID (we can create your email ID if required) about Indian Classic music and find out level of awareness. 25 number can be expanded later on.
    • -make a list with full details and for our further internal discussions on what we can do for them to have within that university or music college enough Indian Classical music information.
  4. We want to create a set of books and magnetic media that has deep details about Indian Classical music ( in English). The task will be to research what good books have been published and where to buy these .
  5. We want to identify 100 top public, private or University libraries that can have books on Indian classical music.
  6. Create a full analytical report on location, venues, offerings and management team of Pune University’s Lalit Kala Kendra. Work with Arun, together as a team to see if we can extend help from RagaNXT for classical music workshops or lectures for students and faculty. Also see if we can offer ‘visting lecturers’ on specific topics.
  7. We want to offer RagaNXT planned 4 to 6 hour music workshop once a month in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Indore, Nagpur etc. Create a workable plan by initially fetching ideas from Arun, Omkar (these could be organized in one fixed location per city, some fees, and 12 month calendar can be preset for advertising etc)

RagaNXT’s vision is to make Indian classical music known, listened and admired globally, including India. By this we also want to promote the artists and their art globally. RagaNXT also will strive to record in studio setting many more artists to have their new recordings available.

Volunteering Opportunity in your city
We want your help in taking up RagaNXT responsibility as a convener in your city. Our idea is to create a ‘RagaNXT Circle’ of classical music lovers in your town. As we will be continuously producing new recording, we will have opportunity to distribute these at greatly discounted price in the Circle.
We are also planning to arrange tours of the artists and we would like your help in making some arrangements and spreading the word.
In return you would few free passes.

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