Rasiya, a Grand Presentation of romantic songs and melodious tunes

Finally, yesterday we debuted ‘Rasiya’, the semi-classical music show in Balagandharva theater. Happy to note that many accomplished individuals like Shri Jabbar Patel, Amol Palekar watched the show and admired it. Here is the stage view of the ensemble and a clip of a song..

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Evolving a new and original music show ‘Rasiya’

As we vowed that RagaNXT will dabble in producing something new, something path breaking, last couple months we have kept busy assembling a troupe of talented artists to produce a semi classical music show. Thus Rasiya is born out of an urge to break the continuum of repeating recitals sung for the gallery. It is a courageous step in producing something that is not done on the stage, something that will get you, the connoisseurs excited again.

Noted modern day poet Shri Vaibhav Joshi wrote more than twelve Hindi – Braj Bhasha lyrics that are so melodious to even read, think what would be happening when Shri Narendra Bhide composed and directed them as songs; well, we got really something that we can showcase to the dardi audience. Rasiya will present five top notch classical singers along with an ensemble of thirteen musicians. We have designed the stage to create the mood and brought in Seema Deshmukh, an accomplished stage –TV actress to compare the narratives.

The idea of a music show with new lyrics produced with nineteen top notch musicians is bit unnerving, but we are going to do it. RagaNXT is formed to take on challenges .. we really want to promote the classical music beyond the known limits. Please send us your feedback.

Marching ahead with your support …

RagaNXT started getting coverage and recognition early in its infancy … A social / cultural project of a ground breaking nature should otherwise take months and months to take off the ground; but I think a realization that global reach can only happen with help of internet surely enhanced its appeal to the Artists and to the listeners. We enrolled more than twenty four artists and at least four more are going to be visiting the studio for recording.

I must also acknowledge the contribution social media like Facebook and Twitter can make to this rapid growth. Our technical team developed an all-round FB page, FB profile and initiated three FB groups to promote the classical music in the community. Our FB group for Events started getting traction when we saw people around pan India started posting the musical events on it. Our team also developed a ‘Radio’ where listeners can continuously get plugged into the recordings without touching any buttons on the site. As part of getting better rooted we also decided to support some events, create new albums and planned a stage show. Obviously the focus is in India to get more and more visitors and find acceptance among the artist to record and create more content.

Let’s keep working hard to promote this musical heritage globally. Please do send me your Please send us your feedback

Sonic Endeavor

Announcing the cloud hosted website for preserving and promoting Indian classical music performances by young artists.

A lofty and courageous ambition to produce new recordings of hugely talented young classical singers has kept us excited and humming… finally unveiling this RagaNXT project gives an immense pleasure of pure cultural immersion.

For decades we all have been listening Indian classical music same old fashion way, that is buying vinyl or CDs; and especially CDs of old stalwarts like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Jasraj, Kishori Amonkar and likes.

Last year, during my visit to India, I was desperately looking for something new .. then the reality struck me; there were just few and far between recordings of new artists … and sold by just few stores.

Well, clearly time of making CDs of classical music is a passé. Traditional music labels are not finding any business value in doing so.. and question remains who is buying the CDs ? the sales have fallen and people have moved on to new ways of listening music; on Internet. Now I firmly believe that there is hunger to listen to the new compositions by new artists and people are flocking to the live concerts.

We decided to pursue our inclinations by starting to record new classical tracks by young artists using the best digital sound studios in Pune, India. In last two months, we recorded more than 60 new tracks and well on our way to reach 100 in next couple months.

This is the future .. and we want to take the Indian classical music into it.

We hope you will support us in this cultural enterprise. Please do send me your Please send us your feedback

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